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Our clinic is called AcuPractic-Massage Wellness Center because our name describes what we do.

"Acu" refers to the high tech, non-needle acupuncture that we use to relieve headaches and other body aches and pains.
"Practic" refers to the chiropractic care that we provide to relieve neck pain, mid and lower back pain, joint stiffness, disc herniations and nerve related issues. We also can help you to improve your posture, ranges of motion and strength.
"Massage" refers to our highly effective massage therapy techniques to relieve muscle tension, stress and strain.

We offer a wide variety of alternative therapies that are designed to meet your specific needs!

Dr. Stephen Green
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    Since 1985, Dr. Stephen Green, Chiropractor, and his affiliates of dedicated professionals have helped thousands of people experience POWERFUL, life enhancing health benefits!

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